Spectrum Therapy Products, is the manufacturing leader offering the bio-mechanical advantage when it comes to ankle and knee rehabilitation. Our Products are made in the USA and we are the market leader in the field of physical therapy, exercise therapy, rehabilitation, and user-friendly home therapy with a full line of core stabilization products featuring the BAPS board.

We have been manufacturing and distributing the BAPS Board since 1986 and have been the innovator of this core concept from the day that Gary Gray who is known world-wide as the father of “functional rehabilitation” and Jerry Seel patented this concept into a functional piece of equipment that has been in the therapeutic rehabilitation arena for almost 30 years.

We are excited to introduce to you the new AirBAPS which delivers exceptional balance, propreoception, stability vs. instability, and is fast becoming a staple in training and conditioning protocols.   Spectrum Therapy Products is committed to providing the highest value and best experience.  We look forward to working with you and will continue to make every effort to support your therapeutic challenges.